Natural glucose reduction methodology

A natural food protocol to increase the Chromium levels in the blood stream with the intent of lowering the glucose levels in the blood, whereby starves the cancer and its tumors from their food source. 

A number of authors have stated that cancer feeds off of glucose.  It is my belief that we can address glucose within the bloodstream naturally, by using elevated levels of natural chromium within the blood, by incorporation a designed whole food source, into the diet.  As referenced in the book The Wisdom of Healing Power of Whole Foods, by Patrick Quillin, PhD, RD, CNS, in 1985, a study using mice injected with aggressive mammary tumors, demonstrated a survivability rate of 95% in mice categorized as hypoglycemic.   The mice identified as hyperglycemic only had a 33% survivability rate.  Hypoglycemia is a dangerous state for the normal body if it’s produced with the addition of insulin into the bloodstream.  An alternative method for reducing glucose within the bloodstream is a natural method of increasing the chromium level within the blood.  Until now, a consistent natural source of chromium through a whole food has not been available.

Chromium blood level testing has been standardized for many years. I recommend utilizing this test as a diagnostic tool to determine the availability of additional glucose available to the tumors. Naturally Noble Inc. has developed the food-based product to address and assist with glucose management for diabetics and other blood sugar related conditions. The GTF formula Powdered Greens is a 100% food-based product capable of replenishing the natural levels of chromium within the blood. This food-based product also delivers vanadium, molybdenum, zinc and sulfur to the diet, as a pure whole food. The chromium and vanadium are well-known minerals to reduce blood sugar levels. The addition of molybdenum to the food source is to address the proper function of the liver organ, which aids the protein functions needed to properly utilize the chromium and vanadium as a glucose attracter, within the bloodstream.

It is my theory that by utilizing the chromium blood testing, monitoring the blood glucose level and managing the sugar intake to the body, we can safely deprive a tumor from its glucose food source. This can also be a method of delivering key nutrients to the body, which is in competition with the tumors nutrient requirements.

The delivery of molybdenum within the food also protects the liver against the possibility of cancer metastasizing to the liver. Naturally Noble, Inc. believes that we are the only 100% whole food source developed of this kind, on the market today.  Because our products are 100% pure food, we are regulated under the USDA, therefore our food is not considered a drug. Our products are designed to deliver bioavailable mineral nutrition. The amended soil these products are grown in are designed to deliver minerals to the plant naturally. Our certified lab testing has revealed the desirable, measurable levels of minerals within the plant tissue, which were designed for the plant uptake. Through this methodology we are able to deliver nutrition with precision.   

To summarize our methodology, we believe that consuming our whole food Glucose Tolerance Factor formula (GTF) Powdered Greens, measuring the chromium levels within the blood and maintaining a level that exceeds the normal range, we can starve a tumor or cancer from its glucose food source, by removing its food source within the bloodstream, before the tumor has the opportunity to have access to the glucose.

This methodology may be simplistic, but the development of a 100% food-based product has required many years of research and will require additional practical application testing. We are confident in the mineral levels reported in these products.   Those who do not receive the proper nutrients and minerals needed to perform the body’s functions are prone to display nutrient deficiencies, as symptoms of disease.

It is my belief that minerals provide stem-cells with proper direction, a blueprint to finish cell development and play its role in the proper function of the body.  All cancers are associated with massive growth of stem cells. Could the cancers be a symptom of poor mineral nutrition?  My belief is that depleted minerals in our food contribute to many of our chronic health problems.  Our vitamins absorb well and stimulate cell growth, but the minerals supplements are not absorbing well.   The reason for this may be that the body cannot identify any nutritional value of a chemical compound.  Vitamins and minerals from whole foods, in our markets today are deficient in valuable minerals.  Fruits and vegetables deficient in minerals will stimulate stem cell growth because of the vitamins within the plant, but the lack of minerals does not provide instructions to the cells. Good quality bioavailable minerals within whole foods are the key to complete nutrition.

Naturally Noble, Inc. is a food production company that specializes in whole foods designed to replenish vital minerals and nutrients to the diet.  We are currently looking for professional nutritionists and health care professionals interested in 100% whole foods, as part of the nutritional protocol regimen, within their practice. If you’re interested in our products please contact us at (307) 640-7265.

If you have any questions regarding our products, or the theory behind starving the tumor, by addressing the glucose level through a chromium blood level increase, please contact me at the number above.

Robert J. Van Risseghem

CEO, Naturally Noble, Inc.

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May 21, 2017 at 10:04 pm, Helen Lange said:

Please send me your discounts coupons and all info on growing my healthy food. Thank you. I learned about you from John of you tube video


April 29, 2018 at 3:16 am, Robert Van Risseghem said:

GYG is still 30% off, the free shipping has expired


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